Add Your Comment Link WordPress Plugin

My first WordPress plugin is such a simple one, but it works like a charm.

So you want to get more comments on your blog posts, but most non technical and non blog savvy visitors have trouble finding how to get from the front page of your blog to the comments area of an individual post.

This plugin solves that by including a dedicated and in your face link at the bottom of each of your posts (not pages) that points the visitor directly to the comment response area.

You can see the plugin in action for an example of the add your comment link …

Download the Add Comment Link WordPress Plugin directly from the WordPress plugins directory. Since this plugin is free I thought I’d put it into the directory.

I’d like to add some options to this to make it better, any ideas just leave me a comment. Or leave a comment if you’ve found it useful.

PS. You can change the text that appears at the bottom of each post to language that makes sense for your site visitors. See the Add Your Comment section under the Settings menu of WordPress.