Backup Smart update to v1.69 and Adobe AIR v3.4.0 Issues

First some news…

There was an Adobe AIR update recently to v3.4.0 which seems to have played havoc with some users Backup Smart installations.

After upgrading Adobe AIR Backup Smart loses it’s Adobe AIR store where all the settings and tasks are stored. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any way of avoiding this. It also doesn’t happen to everyone. So I’m unable to advise if you will be affected until you upgrade AIR.

However Backup Smart has the ability to save your task list to an external file for safe keeping (It has a file extension of *.BSM). I highly recommend you do that before upgrading Adobe AIR to v3.4.0, just in case. Backup Smart prompts you to create / update this external BSM file every time you close the software after you’ve made changes to a task.

This way if you do lose your Backup Smart tasks and settings it will only take you a few clicks to get everything back by re-loading your saved task list. You will still need to re-enter your settings though those are not exported with the tasks.

If you didn’t save your task list and have already upgraded your Adobe AIR and you’ve lost your task list then you will have re-enter them in. If you have a lot of tasks then please use the bulk CSV file insert method. You can access the CSV template from the download page.

The other thing you need to note, is that you will need to re-register again using the email that you purchased the software with. When you go to re-register the system will tell you that you are already registered. You will need to clear your serial number out of the licensing database here

It’s been a long time in between updates for Backup Smart, v1.69 has now been released. You can upgrade from inside the software or from the download page. This release is unrelated to the Adobe AIR update already mentioned.

Host Monster support has been dropped since they are no longer using cPanel backup methods. They have their own special backup sauce now, and they have discontinued access to the standard cPanel backups.

If you experience any issues or need a hand with post Adobe AIR v3.4.0 updates, please submit a ticket in the support helpdesk here.