FAQ-Tastic for WordPress 2.7 Patch

Are you trying to get FAQ-Tastic v1.07 to work on WordPress 2.7, what a drama.!

Here is the solution.

Step 1. Download the most recent version of FAQ-Tastic Lite v1.07

Signup on the form at the bottom of this page to get the download (credit were credit is due – at least support them with your email address)

Step 2. Download my FAQ-Tastic v1.07 WordPress 2.7 Patch file.

Step 3. Upload all the original FAQ-Tastic Lite files to your WordPress plugins directory.

Step 4. Before you activate the FAQ-Tastic plugin, make sure to upload all the patch files straight into the the faq-tastic plugin sub directory overwriting the original files that you just uploaded.

Step 5. Go to your Plugins area in the admin of WordPress and you should see a plugin with v1.07 Patched for WP2.7 that you can activate.

(Why didn’t I just include the whole FAQ-Tastic Lite ZIP – because that’s for the developer to do not me. I’ve just made your life easier by supplying you with the patch. Make sure to download the original FAQ-Tastic Lite v1.07 from the site I listed above)

Thanks go to Copernicus who explained the problem. I just implemented it and thought I’d share. Enjoy.

Drop me a comment if you found it helpful.