How to Delay a Buy Button or Link from Showing on a Webpage

Thought I’d answer a question from the warrior forum on my blog with a video. I know some of your will want to know this. Watch below.

How to delay a buy button or link to appear on your website after a certain amount of time. This is popular for video sales letters so that visitors are forced to watch to a certain point in the video.

Of course this method is so crude that the visitor just needs to pause the video on your webpage and come back to it later and the button / link will have appeared since it’s just on a timer and not triggered from the video player. So if you need to sync this up to appear when you are speaking about it in the video, you’ll need the more advanced method.

The more advanced method is hooking the javascript up to an event from the flash player at the 15th minute for example. JWplayer (my favourite web based flash FLV player) has this ability, but that’s a whole other video tutorial since it’s an advanced approach.

But why make it hard for yourself, just do it this way it’ll cover you for most cases.

Stick this in the header area of your code

<script type="text/javascript">
    function showBuyLink() {
      document.getElementById("buylink").style.visibility = "visible";
	// adjust this as needed, 1 sec = 1000
    setTimeout("showBuyLink()", 5000); 

Stick this around your buy link code.

<div id="buylink" style="visibility: hidden">
	<!-- put all your add to cart buy links and images inside this hidden div -->
	<p style="text-align:center; font-size:26px;">
	<a href="http://mybuylink">Add to Cart or Buy Link</a>

Talk soon