Script Smart Version 4 Released

It’s been a long time coming in fact 13 months between releases for Script Smart. The internet marketers toolbox that has lots of scripts and helpful applications to boost your sales / conversions from your website.

To this day, I personally still use this software about once a month. Usually for the email encoding script but sometimes the countdown and last chance scripts as well. And the colour wheel.

Some of the scripts that were cutting edge in 2006 have been knocked off and marketed individually over the years. I always chuckle when I see it, but they provided a solution just as I have, so I don’t begrudge them at all.

To think I initally created this software back in 2006, and it’s now in it’s 4th incarnation. I look at the videos of myself that I have on the download page and the affiliate page and I look so young and fresh. 🙂 How times have changed.

This release brings the software up-to-date with the new Adobe AIR released that have happened over the last 18 months.

Since this is a new version Script Smart 4 will install separately. You can uninstall the old Script Smart 3 version at any stage.

You can’t obviously upgrade while running Script Smart 3 using the inbuilt upgrader. So simply go to the download page (emailed to you) and install the new version.

If you require your license to be reset you can now action this on your own without needing to contact support.

This release will pave the way for some new scripts I’ve been working on adding to Script Smart in the future.

So I urge you to upgrade now, and then future minor updates will be seemless once again from within the application.