How to Use Online Live Chat to Increase Sales and Better Support

Let me show you how I use online live chat to increase sales and have better customer support.

Watch this video.

As mentioned in the video leave me a comment on this blog post if you would be interested in an info product that makes this super easy to setup on your own site and / or across multiple niches. Videos on installing and setting up the Livezilla chat software (Windows only I’m affraid people), and the script to get a nice hover popup over your existing pages. Which is the best way to get a chat going. Not some static live help image sitting off to the side of the website that no one sees.

For those brave souls that like a challenge and do it on your own, make sure you get started with LiveZilla.

Forget all the paid chat services, they can’t handle multiple instances of the chat software which is what internet marketers need. Those with multiple personalities anyway 🙂

Talk soon