Do you backup your website(s)? Ever?

I know I didn’t which is the main reason I developed this software. You see I have a lot of websites and look after even more for other people.

Backing up your websites has always had 2 draw backs.

1) You have to remember to do it.
2) You have to have a lot of time to do it since it’s a very manual process.

My new software solves both of those draw backs for those of you lucky enough to have your web hosting on a cPanel web server.

Let me first tell you how to backup your website using cPanel.

a) Go to your and enter in your credentials.
b) Go to the Backup icon (will look different depending on your theme)
c) Click on the link to download the home directory backup (this will take all your files)
d) Click on the links to download your databases
e) Click on the links to download your email filters or email aliases

Now you can do all that or you can set it up in Backup Smart and it will do it all for you on a schedule that you set. Couldn’t be simpler.

Plus it runs on Windows, MAC OSX and even Linux by running under Adobe AIR (which is a new cross platform application environment)

Have a look at this promo video I made for the software.

If you think it’s something that you could use, I have a 7 day free trial for it, and if you read this post prior to 02Feb09 then you can get an early bird special offer of just $7 which is a saving of $30 off the $37 price tag that I’ll be selling this for.

Head over to the website here and get your cPanel Website Backup Software