If you are only new to internet marketing then you might not know what the Butterfly Marketing phenom is from Mike Filsaime is all about.

If you’ve been around for a few years then you will know all about it, and probably even own a copy of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript (like myself) or even the software itself.

The Butterfly Marketing software is basically a content management system (think of WordPress) for setting up a website that can handle one time offers / upsells / downsells / and inbuilt affiliate system.

Runs on most hosts, with PHP and mySQL

Well after years since it’s first release as paid software and it’s now just been released as Open Source (free to use / modify).

This doesn’t really happen in internet marketing circles so kudos to Mike Filsaime for starting what I forsee as becoming more popular technique, giving away the software source and offering developers a paid forum infrastructure.

Since I’m a developer and could create websites, I’ve never used the software, since I only ever purchased the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript and implemented the concepts as needed.

However I’ve now just downloaded the Butterfly Marketing Open Source code and will be installing it on one of my niche sites to test it out.

I’ll return back to this post and report my findings real soon as a Butterfly Open Source Code Review.

PS. I’m on a LOT of marketers email lists. As I’m sure you are, and you’ve probably received a pile of all the same emails promoting the launch of Butterfly Open Source Code. What a joke, and jeez I hate it!!! Jeff Johnson was the only one that took the time to write a simple email about it in his own words. The rest just copied the affiliate copy that Mike put together. Why can’t people just put some personalisation into their promotions. I guess looking at the flip side, I’m not the average IM user, and am on far to many lists, just to see what everyones up to.

Talk soon