Backup Smart BoxAt the request of users over the last couple of months, several new features have been added to Backup Smart – the cPanel website backup software application.

Those that own the software get all updates for FREE.

Here’s what was added in version 1.26…

* A very handy option to only include in the scheduled backup logs those sites that failed their backups. So for those with lots of websites they can quickly see if anything failed which needs their attention.

* Added a minimize on startup feature (in settings menu) – Backup Smart always had the option to start on system startup, but now it can minimise as well.

* Added ability to bulk import tasks from a CSV file. This is mainly for power users. Instead of creating tasks from scratch for many websites, you can now load all the data into a CSV spreadsheet and then import it straight into Backup Smart.

For those that haven’t checked out Backup Smart yet, go and grab yourself a FREE 7 day trial of the software.

For those that own a copy of Backup-Smart just restart the software and it should self update.

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