Backup Smart upgrade – Now with more features

Finally I can formally release the Backup Smart (website backup application) upgrades that have been in the works for a long time.

Those that own the software get all updates for FREE.

Thanks to users who have given feedback and requests. These updates have made Backup Smart a much better application.

I’d like to thank these users specifically for taking the time to check over my translations into languages other than English.

Hubert Daul – French translation checking
Matthias Günter – German translation checking
George Johnston – Spanish translation checking
Pieter de Jong – Dutch translation checking

There have been several minor updates lately with this final update seeing the latest round of changes complete.

Here’s what was added up to version 1.52…

* Multilanguage support. Now supports English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch. This was a massive structural change to enable different languages but one that makes Backup Smart so much more accessible.

If you want a language supported and are prepared to check my translations then let me know. Or if you see any text that doesn’t make sense, please contact me.

* Better checking of task list changes, and reminding you to save your task list externally so you don’t lose your changes if something goes wrong

* Wider cPanel support to work in with new cPanel security features.

* Added Host Monster support since they have a highly customised cPanel setup

* Added in ability to handle users with global subdomains setup in cPanel.

* Added in support for SSL HTTPS ability. Some host enforce HTTPS for cPanel logins.

For those that haven’t checked out Backup Smart yet, go and grab yourself a FREE 7 day trial of the software.

For those that own a copy of Backup-Smart just restart the software and it should self update, or use the update option in the help menu.

Let me know your thoughts on the upgrades, or if you want something else added to / changed in the software.

Talk soon


Butterfly Marketing Open Source Code Released

If you are only new to internet marketing then you might not know what the Butterfly Marketing phenom is from Mike Filsaime is all about.

If you’ve been around for a few years then you will know all about it, and probably even own a copy of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript (like myself) or even the software itself.

The Butterfly Marketing software is basically a content management system (think of WordPress) for setting up a website that can handle one time offers / upsells / downsells / and inbuilt affiliate system.

Runs on most hosts, with PHP and mySQL

Well after years since it’s first release as paid software and it’s now just been released as Open Source (free to use / modify).

This doesn’t really happen in internet marketing circles so kudos to Mike Filsaime for starting what I forsee as becoming more popular technique, giving away the software source and offering developers a paid forum infrastructure.

Since I’m a developer and could create websites, I’ve never used the software, since I only ever purchased the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript and implemented the concepts as needed.

However I’ve now just downloaded the Butterfly Marketing Open Source code and will be installing it on one of my niche sites to test it out.

I’ll return back to this post and report my findings real soon as a Butterfly Open Source Code Review.

PS. I’m on a LOT of marketers email lists. As I’m sure you are, and you’ve probably received a pile of all the same emails promoting the launch of Butterfly Open Source Code. What a joke, and jeez I hate it!!! Jeff Johnson was the only one that took the time to write a simple email about it in his own words. The rest just copied the affiliate copy that Mike put together. Why can’t people just put some personalisation into their promotions. I guess looking at the flip side, I’m not the average IM user, and am on far to many lists, just to see what everyones up to.

Talk soon


Happy Holidays For 2009

Thank you to all my software and information product users for your continued support throughout 2009.

2009 was a big year with Backup Smart being launched, and new versions of Script Smart, and Affiliate Page Pro using Adobe AIR being relaunched.

All my software now runs across all platforms, Windows, MAC OSX, Linux.

Reputation Smart was launched as well.

I’m currently working on a new information / software product at the moment which I’ve slated to release in late January. I’m currently testing it across my internet marketing niches and my non internet marketing niches as well. Will talk more about it later.

You guys and gals will be the first to see it and use it of course.

Best wishes for your holiday season, and take care.

Talk soon


PS Thank you to my children for helping me record such a wonderful song to use in the video above.

PPS Leave a comment here and let me know what you think of the video. It’s really easy to make one like this using (another free tip from me to you to grow your online business)

Website Backup Software Upgrade Adds More Features

Backup Smart BoxAt the request of users over the last couple of months, several new features have been added to Backup Smart – the cPanel website backup software application.

Those that own the software get all updates for FREE.

Here’s what was added in version 1.26…

* A very handy option to only include in the scheduled backup logs those sites that failed their backups. So for those with lots of websites they can quickly see if anything failed which needs their attention.

* Added a minimize on startup feature (in settings menu) – Backup Smart always had the option to start on system startup, but now it can minimise as well.

* Added ability to bulk import tasks from a CSV file. This is mainly for power users. Instead of creating tasks from scratch for many websites, you can now load all the data into a CSV spreadsheet and then import it straight into Backup Smart.

For those that haven’t checked out Backup Smart yet, go and grab yourself a FREE 7 day trial of the software.

For those that own a copy of Backup-Smart just restart the software and it should self update.

Talk soon


Welcome to the new Web Smart Central

Finally I have restructured my websites relating to internet marketing and have decided to reuse one of my old domains as the central hub in my wheel of websites. I used to use that domain for my Brisbane Web Hosting company, but switched over to in late 2007.

My Business Web Hosting company is growing every year, and is as close to an offline business as I’d ever like to own and operate. It’s specifically for local Australian businesses only.

Content that previously was posted to my personal website about internet marketing will now be posted here.

I have some big plans for this website, which include talking about internet marketing tools (not just the ones that I create), general internet marketing information from the trenches, and both audio and video interviews.

I’ll also be adding resources that I use for my internet marketing to the resources section of this website.

Talk soon